Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week 4: Only one workout

Due to slippery streets and not wanting to fall off my bike into the jaws of oncoming traffic, I made it to Friday's class only. The class went well. No specific problems other than my usual stiffness and clumsiness.  A guy in class even complimented me on a  forward roll: "You came out of that just like a cat!" On the next one, I crashed down like an elephant.  Some cat.

Techniques: Variations of kokyu nage and kaiten nage

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Week 3 : First workout of 2010

Two weeks is a long time between classes for a beginner. Felt I was getting into a good rhythm before the break. Not so this week. Had a harder time with Wednesday's class than before the vacation. Not only was I all arms and legs,  but I was grateful for the short rests while sensei demonstrated the next technique. 

Problem techinquesKatatori menuchi iriminage. And variations. Evade a shoulder grab, lead the attack in a circle, then an about face and the attacker goes flying. Or something like that. Looks doable when it's demonstrated, but my mind went blank when it came time to actually do it. Hope I don't get attacked any time soon. My fumbling technique would  actually help the attacker.

Didn't go to Friday's class. Too much snow, wind and cold--even for an aikidoka.